Throwback Thursday: Surprise Safari E...

Throwback Thursday: Surprise Safari Edition

“Pack your things, we’re going to the farm,” he said nonchalantly in his smooth South African accent. Farms. Plots of land surrounded by four-board fences (wire or other various materials, if you’re not among the posh farms of Central Kentucky), filled with horses (or livestock). That was my definition of “farm,” and given that my […]

A Lifelong Connection

A Lifelong Connection

When I returned from my first ministry trip to Kenya, I felt despondent; besides the culture shock of being back home and becoming reacquainted with my usual creature comforts and excess, I missed the lovely people I had met, and I had the sense that the experience’s impact on me might be fleeting if I […]

What If Wednesday: Tried It


My very first What If Wednesday was about writing letters to sponsored kids. Several of my friends and I got together and made a little dinner party out of it and had a wonderful time. I’d imagine by now that Yessenia and Betty have gotten my letters, and I look forward to hearing back from […]

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